Get Out Of The Box!    Get Out Of The Box!

Learn to fix delicious, affordable, easy-to-prepare food for yourself!


This is a wonderfully useful cookbook for those who are tired of eating boxed, prepared, and frozen food. It features easy-to-use, easy-to-make recipes from readily-available ingredients. You will soon be able to make American and international delights in your own kitchen with little effort or cost.

bulletan e-book cookbook (Adobe Acrobat .pdf format)
bulletFeatures many vegetarian recipes
bulletIllustrated and fully-indexed
Recipes and illustrations by Elif Savas
ebook design by Brian Felsen

"Get Out Of The Box!" is a collection of inventive recipes that will enable you to move beyond eating frozen, boxed, or prepared foods. This cookbook contains a mix of American and international delights which have been adopted to use affordable and readily-available ingredients.

By working with this book, you will also be able to create your own recipes with many suggested variation ideas - so you can develop the skills to cook daily without using any cookbooks at all!

This e-book was written and illustrated by Elif Savas Felsen, an independent artist who creates a wide variety of offbeat and informative projects - from an award-winning film about Turkish military coups d'etat (COUP) to a CD of art songs by 19th and 20th-century gay composers (Songs from the Age of the Closet).

To download a sample of "Get Out of the Box!" click here: Free Sample!


Get out of that frozen box and order this treat for your tastebuds!

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