Otchego? Why?
Op.6, No.5
Text by L.A. Mey after Heine

Otchego poblednela vesnoj Why did the glorious rose wilt so,
pyshnocvetnaja roza sama? in the spring?
Otchego pod zeljonoj travoj Why is the blue violet
golubaja fialka nema? silent beneath the green grass?

Otchego tak pechal'no zvuchit Why is the song of the little bird
pesnja ptichki, nesjas' v nebesa? so sad today?
Otchego nad lugami visit Why does the dew hang
pogrebal'nym pokrovom rosa? like a shroud upon the meadows?

Otchego v nebe solnce s utra Why is the sun cold and dull in the sky,
kholodno i temno, kak zimoj? as if it were winter?
Otchego i zemlja vsja syra Why is the earth wet
i ugrjumej mogily samoj? and gloomy like a tomb?

Otchego ja i sam vse grustnej And why am I ever more sad
i boleznennej den' oto dnja? each day?
Otchego, o, skazhi mne skorej ty, Why - tell me quickly -
pokinuv, zabyla menja? did you forget me?


Zabyt' Tak Skoro To Forget So Soon
Text by Aleksandr Pushkin

Zabyt' tak skoro, bozhe moj, To forget so soon, dear God,
Vsjo schast'je zhizni prozhitoj! all the happiness of our past life!
Vse nashi vstrechi, razgovory, All our encounters, our conversations!
Zabyt' tak skoro, zabyt' tak skoro! To forget so soon, to forget so soon!

Zabyt' volnen'ja pervykh dnej, To forget the excitement of the first days,
Svidan'ja chas v teni vetvej! of our meetings under shady branches!
Ochej nemyje razgovory, The wordless exchange of our glances.
Zabyt' tak skoro, zabyt' tak skoro! To forget so soon, to forget so soon!

Zabyt', kak polnaja luna To forget how the full moon
Na nas gljadela iz okna, gazed at us through the window,
Kak kolykhalas' tikho shtora... how the curtain softly swayed...
Zabyt' tak skoro, zabyt' tak skoro, tak skoro! To forget so soon, to forget so soon, so soon!

Zabyt' ljubov', zabyt' mechty, To forget love, forget the dreams,
Zabyt' te kljatvy pomnish' ty, pomnish' ty, pomnish' ty? forget your vows - do you remember, do you remember?
V nochnuju pasmurnuju poru, v nochnuju pasmurnuju poru, taken in the somber hours of night, taken in the sombre hours of night!
Zabyt' tak skoro, zabyt' tak skoro! To forget so soon, to forget so soon!
Bozhe moj! Dear God!

Kolybelnaya Cradle Song
Op.16, No1
Text by A.N. Maikov

Spi, ditja mojo, spi, usni! spi, usni! Sleep, my baby, sleep, fall asleep, sleep, fall asleep!
Sladkij son k sebe mani: Beckon sweet dreams to yourself:
V njan'ki ja tebe vzjala I've hired as nannies for you
Veter, solnce i orla. The Wind, the Sun and the Eagle.

Uletel orjol domoj: The Eagle has flown back home,
Solnce skrylos' pod vodoj: The Sun has hidden under the waters,
Veter, posle trekh nochej, And three nights later
Mchitsja k materi svojej. The Wind is rushing away to her Mother.

Sprashivala vetra mat': The Wind's mother has been asking:
"Gde izvolil propadat'? "Where have you been for so long?
Ali zvezdy vojeval? Have you been fighting the stars?
Ali volny vsjo gonjal?" Have you been chasing the waves?"

"Ne gonjal ja voln morskikh, "I haven't been chasing the sea-waves,
Zvezd ne trogal zolotykh; I haven't been touching the golden stars,
Ja ditja oberegal, I have been guarding a baby
Kolybelochku kachal!" And rocking gently his little cradle."

Spi, ditja mojo, spi, usni! spi, usni! Sleep, my baby, sleep, fall asleep, sleep, fall asleep!
Sladkij son k sebe mani: Beckon sweet dreams to yourself:
V njan'ki ja tebe vzjala I've hired as nannies for you
Veter, solnce i orla. The Wind, the Sun and the Eagle.

Zachem Zhe Ty Prisnilasja Why Did I Dream of You?
Op.28, No.3
Text by LA, after Heine

Zachem zhe ty prisnilasja, Why did I dream of you,
Krasavica daljokaja, unattainable beauty,
I vspykhnula, chto v polyme, and my lonely pillow
Podushka odinokaja? burn, as if on fire?

Okh, sgin' ty, polunochnica! O vanish, vanish, vision of the night!
Glaza tvoji lenivyje Your eyes are languorous;
I pepel kos rassypchatyj, your ash blonde hair is spread,
I guby gordelivyje - your lips haughty.
Vsjo najavu mne snilosja, Everything I dreamed was as true as waking,
I vsjo, chto grjoza veshnjaja, and, like a daydream in spring,
Umchalosja, i na serdce has now vanished, leaving in my heart
Legla pot'ma kromeshnaja! a dark void!

Zachem zhe ty prisnilasja, Why did I dream of you,
Krasavica daljokaja, unattainable beauty?
Kol' stynet vmeste s grjozoju My lonely pillow grows cold,
Polushka odinokaja? together with my dreams.
Zachem zhe, zachem zhe ty prisnilasja! Why, O why did I dream of you?!

REYNALDO HAHN (1874-1947)

Paysage A Landscape
Poem by André Theuriet

A deux pas de la mer qu'on entend bourdonner Close by the booming sea,
Je sais un coin perdu de la terre bretonne In Brittany I know a sequestered spot
Où j'aurais tant aimé, pendant les jours d'automne, Where in autumn I would so have wished,
Chère, à vous emmener! My love, to go with you!

Des chênes faisant cercle autour d'une fontaine, Oaks encircling a fountain,
Quelques hêtres épars, un vieux moulin désert, Scattered beech, an old abandoned mill,
Une source dont l'eau claire a le reflet vert A well whose clear waters reflected
De vos yeux de sirène The green of your Siren's eyes

La mésange, au matin, sous la feuille jaunie, The bluetit, each morning, among yellowed leaves
Viendrait chanter pour nous Would come to sing for us.
Et la mer, nuit et jour, And the sea, night and day,
Viendrait accompagner nos caresses d'amour Accompany our loving caresses
De sa basse infinie! With its boundless bass!

Fumée Smoke
Poem by Jean Moréas

Compagne de l'ether, indolente fumée, Companion of the ether, indolent smoke,
Je te ressemble un peu... I slightly resemble you...
Ta vie est d'un instant, la mienne est consumée; Your life lasts a moment, mine is consumed,
Mais nous sortons du feu. But we come forth from fire.

L'homme pour subsister, en recueillant la cendre, Man, in order to exist, must gather aches,
Qu'il use ses genoux, While on his knees.
Sans plus nous soucier et sans jamais descendre, No longer caring, and never descending to earth,
Evanouissons-nous! Let us vanish!


Taniec Dance
Text by the Persian "Hafiz" (Mohammed Schemsed-din); Polish translator anonymous
Op. 24, No.4

Wszystkie dzis tancza, taniec plynie w krag! Everything is dancing, dancing, dancing.
Boski to plas! Boski, boski to plas! Dance is divine, divine.
Wioda plasy w ponczoszkach, Some dance barefoot,
Jda w sandalkach w tan, lub nago! some with shoes!

Czesc! czesc, wam nago tanczace czesc! Up, up, you naked dancers!
Pieknoscia zuchwale! You beauties and muses!
Wszystkie dzis tancza, taniec plynie w krag! This day, everything is dancing!
Boski to plas! Boski to plas! Dancing with the gods! Dancing with the gods!

Zakochany Wiatr Song Of The East Wind In Love
Text by the Persian "Hafiz" (Mohammed Schemsed-din); Polish translator anonymous
Op. 24, No.5

O! Nieszczesnemu mnie! Oh, unfortunate me!
Któz wiesc przyniesie od mojej lubej? Who will bring me news of my Beloved?
Wprawdzie wschodni wiatr na ucho od niej cos mi zlecic chcial Although the East Wind came,and whispered a
message in my ear,
lecz szepcac jakal sie i mylil tak, he stammered and confused me,
zem niemogl pojac nic! so I could not understand!
To jedno wiem, to jedno wiem, I know it well, all too well;
On musial sie ten nedzarz he himself is the worst off,
dac upoic i olsnic tak drunk, spirit whirling,
kochanki mej pieknoscia, because of my Beloved's beauty,
lubej mej pieknoscia. her great beauty.

Smutna wiosna Spring Of Saddness
Text by the Persian "Hafiz" (Mohammed Schemsed-din); Polish translator anonymous
Op. 24, No.6

Znów wiosna zawitala. Spring has come.
Pod jej tchnieniem narcyzy i hyacenty Laughing hyacinths, tulips and narcissus
z swoich grzadek na zloty wschodza blask. sprout from every field.
Lecz kedys ty? Kedys ty? Why are you waiting, still waiting?
Gleboko wziemi spisz pod nocy straza. Dark earth holds you fast.
Ja plakac bede wraz z wiosenna chmura, I will water you with my tears, like a springtime cloud,
a moze je szcze raz z pod ziemi mroków so that maybe, from your deep prison,
zablysniesz wio sny najpiekniejszym Kwiatem! you will rise, like the loveliest flower of Spring.

Zaloty And You Came Into My House
German text by R.F.L. Dehmel with Polish translation by Stanislaw Baracz
Op. 17, No. 3

A gdy w dom mój niosac wdziek And you came into my house,
Czarnych zrenic ciskasz razy came with your dark beauty,
palm dalekich widzac mary I thought I saw distant palm trees,
Zrak twych biore kwiatów pek. thought you gave me a bouquet of flowers.
Te storczyki pelne rosy You gave me narcissus sparkling with dew,
rwalas zemna w kniej pustkowiu. that we had gathered in the lonely forest.

Spocznij! zlóz na mem wezglowiu You lay on the red couch,
swoje czarne bujne wlosy. your black hair trailing over the armrest of my shoulder.
Wej dz! w mym domu roztocz wdziek, Come back to my home,
niech tam kwitnie lesne kwiecie, let the wildflowers blossom,
usta nasze plona przecie! let our young lips press together!
Daj mi, daj mi kwiatów pek! Give, o give me, your flowers!

Wczesnym Rankiem High In The Morning Sky
German text by R.F.L. Dehmel with Polish translation by Stanislaw Baracz
Op. 17, No. 1

Spójrz, jak ku gwiazdom wciaz sie wznosimy! See how we rise up to the stars!
Nasz wzrok promienny szczesciem Our eyes, brimming with good fortune,
olsniewa biela snieg szczytów. light up the snow on the mountains below;
Wnet sie z mgiel wynurza laki hal. soon the sun bursts through.

O! Jak plona doliny i szczyty: The depths and heights around us glow red,
Hen tam wgórze, nad mgla oddechów, through the mist of our breathing,
ostatnich iskrzacych sie blasków gwiazd daleko wzwyz! reaching the farthest glimmer of distant stars!
Widnieje noc narodzin twych, The night of your birth shimmers with light,
swita nam wniebowziecia dzien. the day of our ascent to heaven sparkles.



Cinq Poèmes de Max Jacob Five Poems of Max Jacob

FP. 59, No. 1-5


Chanson bretonne Breton Song

J'ai perdu ma poulette I have lost my little hen
Et j'ai perdu mon chat. And I have lost my cat
Je cours à la poudrette I'd run myself to ashes
Si Dieu me les rendra. If God would give them back to me.

Je vais chez Jean le Coz I went to Jean le Coz's
Et chez Marie Maria. And to Marie Maria's.
Va-t'en voir chez Hérode Go check at Herode's -
Peut-être il le saura. Maybe he will know.

Passant devant la salle Passing by the hall
Toute la ville était là The entire town was there
À voir danser ma poule Watching my hen dancing
Avec mon petit chat. With my little cat.

Tous les oiseaux champêtres All country birds
Sur les murs et sur les toits On the walls and on the roofs
Jouaient de la trompette Were playing the trumpet
Pour le banquet du roi. For the king's banquet.

Cimetière Cemetery

Si mon marin vous le chassez, If you chase away my sailor,
Au cimetière vous me mettrez, In the cemetery you will put me,
Rose blanche, rose blanche et rose rouge. White Rose, white rose and red rose.
Ma tombe, elle est comme un jardin, My grave, it's like a garden,
Comme un jardin, rouge et blanche, Like a garden, red and white,
Le dimanche vous irez, rose blanche, On Sundays you will go, white rose,
Vous irez vous promener, You will go for a walk,
Rose blanche et blanc muguet, White rose and white lily,
Tante Yvonne à la Toussaint Aunt Yvonne at All-Saint's Day
Une couronne en fer peint A wreath of painted iron
Elle apporte de son jardin She brings from her garden
En fer peint avec des perles de satin, Of painted iron with pearls of satin,
Rose rouge et blanc muguet. Red rose and white lily.
Si Dieu veut me ressusciter If God wants to resurrect me
Au Paradis je monterai, rose blanche, To heaven I will rise, white rose,
Avec un nimbe doré, With a golden halo,
Rose rouge et blanc muguet. Red rose and white lily.
Si mon marin revenait, If my sailor were to come back,
Rose rouge et rose blanche, Red rose and white rose
Sur ma tombe il vient auprès, By my grave he comes,
Rose blanche et blanc muguet. White rose and white lily.
Souviens-toi de notre enfance, rose blanche, Remember our childhood, white rose,
Quand nous jouions sur le quai, When we used to play on the dock,
Rose blanche et blanc muguet. White rose and white lily.

La petite servante The little maid

Préservez-nous du feu et du tonnerre, Save us from fire and thunder,
Le tonnerre court comme un oiseau, Thunder runs like a bird,
Si c'est le Seigneur qui le conduit If the Lord is guiding it
Bénis soient les dégats. May the damages be blessed.
Si c'est le diable qui le conduit If the devil is guiding it,
Faites-le partir au trot d'ici. Kick him out of here.

Préservez-nous des dartres et des boutons, Save us from rash and pimples,
de la peste et de la lèpre. From the plague and leprosy.
Si c'est pour ma pénitence que vous l'envoyez, If it's for my penitence that you send it,
Seigneur, laissez-la moi, merci. Lord, leave it to me, thank you.
Si c'est le diable qui le conduit If the Devil is guiding it,
Faites-le partir au trot d'ici. Kick him out of here.

Goître, goître, sors de ton sac, Goitre, goitre, get out of your bag,
sors de mon cou et da ma tête! Get out of my neck and of my head!
Feu Saint Elme, danse de Saint Guy, St Elmo's fire, St Guy's dance,
Si c'est le Diable qui vous conduit If the devil is guiding you,
mon Dieu faites le sortir d'ici. My Lord, make it get out of here.

Faites que je grandisse vite Make it that I grow up fast
Et donnez-moi un bon mari And give me a good husband
qui ne soit pas trop ivrogne Who will not be a drunkard
et qui ne me batte pas tous les soirs. And won't beat me every night.

Berceuse Lullaby

Ton père est à la messe, Your father is at mass,
Ta mère au cabaret, You mother at the cabaret,
Tu auras sur les fesses You'll get it on your bum
Si tu vas encore crier. If you cry again.

Ma mère était pauvresse My mother was a poor woman
Sur la lande à Auray In the countryside at Auray
Et moi je fais des crêpes And me, I make crêpes
En te berçant du pied. While rocking you with my foot.

Si tu mourais du croup, Were you to die from laryngitis
Coliques ou diarrhées Colic or diarrhea
Si tu mourais des croûtes Were you to die from the scabs
Que tu as sur le nez, That you have on your nose,

Je pêcherais des crevettes I would go catch shrimps
À l'heure de la marée At tide time
Pour faire la soupe aux têtes: To make head soup:
Y a pas besoin de crochets. There is no need for hooks.

Souric et Mouric Souric and Mouric

Souric et Mouric, Souric and Mouric,
Rat blanc, souris noire, White rat, black mouse,
Venus dans l'armoire Come in the closet
Pour apprendre à l'araignée To teach the spider
À tisser sur le métier How to weave on the loom
Un beau drap de toile. A beautiful linen sheet.
Expédiez-le à Paris, à Quimper, à Nantes, Send it to Paris, to Quimper, to Nantes,
C'est de bonne vente! It's a good sale!
Mettez les sous de côté, Set the money aside,
Vous achèterez un pré, You will buy a meadow,
Des pommiers pour la saison Apple trees for the season
Et trois belles vaches, And three good cows,
Un boeuf pour faire étalon. A bull to be the stallion.
Chantez, les rainettes, Sing, little frogs,
Car voici la nuit qui vient, Since here comes the night,
La nuit on les entend bien, At night we hear them well,
Crapauds et grenouilles, Toads and frogs,
Écoutez, mon merle Listen my blackbird
Et ma pie qui parle, And my talking magpie,
Écoutez, toute la journée, Listen, all day long,
Vous apprendrez à chanter. You will learn how to sing.


Lost Sense
Poem by Constantine Popa, translated by Martin Hennessy with Micaela Ionescu and Carmen Popa

When you left I was born an orphan child.
Now at the height of day,
Light acts out its own tragedy
And moments die
In a womb of time.
The boundless frontiers of your absence plot no expectation!
Desert savages the flesh
Of the garden!

There is no hope that will ripen here again...
Each morning is a door closed shut.
And the journey of life
Beckons no more!

Copyright 1998 Maisie Light Publishing and Martin Hennessy. Used by permission of composer.


Thy Dark Eyes to Mine
Op.11, No.2
Poem by Fiona MacLeod

Thy dark eyes to mine, Eilidh
Lamps of desire.
O, how my soul leaps -
Leaps to their fire.
Sure now if I in heaven,
Dreaming in bliss,
Heard but a whisper,
But the lost echo even of one such kiss -
All of the soul of me would leap afar
If that called me to thee
Aye, I would leap afar
A falling star.

The Rose of the Night
Op.11, No.3
Poem by Fiona MacLeod

The dark rose of thy mouth
Draw nigher, draw nigher!
The breath is the wind of the south,
A wind of fire!
The wind and the rose and darkness,
O Rose of my Desire!

Deep silence of the night,
Husht like a breathless lyre,
Save the sea's thunderous might,
Dim, menacing, dire;
Silence and wind and sea,
They are thee,
O Rose of my Desire!

As a winded dying flame
Leaping higher and higher,
Thy soul, thy secret name,
Leaps thro' Death's blazing pyre!
Kiss me,
Imperishable Fire,
Dark Rose,
O rose of my Desire!

Nachtlied Night Song
Text by Emanuel Geibel

Der Mond kommt still gegangen The moon so peaceful rises
mit seinem gold'nen Schein, with all its golden shine,
da schläft in holdem Prangen here sleeps in lovely glitter
die müde Erde ein. the weary earth below.

Und auf den Lüften schwanken And on the breezes waft down
aus manchem treuen Sinn from many faithful hearts
viel tausend Liebesgedanken true loving thoughts by the thousand
über die Schläfer hin. upon the sleeping ones.

Und drunten im Tale, da funkeln And down in the valley, there twinkle
die Fenster von Liebchens Haus; the lights from my lover's house;
ich aber blicke im Dunklen but I in darkness still look out -
still in die Welt hinaus. silent - into the world.


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