How To Download Videos From YouTube

YouTube has millions of videos uploaded by creators around the world. And while most people watch these videos on their computers, you may find that YouTube is a better experience when you download the videos instead.

In this article, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about downloading videos from YouTube. Whether you plan to save all your favorite content for future viewing or want to take advantage of some of YouTube’s more exclusive features, we’ll help you get the most out of video downloads.

Read on to learn how to download videos from YouTube, including steps for accessing video downloaders and other tools that can help make it easier.

How to Download Videos From YouTube

You can download videos from YouTube in a few different ways. The process will depend on which browser or device you’re using to access the site. Before we get into the nitty-gritty details of how to download videos from YouTube, let’s take a brief overview of how the site works and what makes it unique. YouTube is a platform for creators to share video content. You can find tens of millions of videos on the site, ranging from user-generated content to professionally produced video content.

Which Videos Can You Download?

Videos are available to download in a few different formats, including MP4, WebM, MP3, and more. Some video downloaders also let you download videos in multiple formats. You can also download videos in the “original resolution,” which is the resolution the creator set for the video. This is useful if you want to save the video to watch on a larger screen or share with someone else who may want to see the video at the original quality.

Which Video Players Are Available for Downloads

You can download videos using third-party video downloaders, as well as YouTube’s built-in video player. The built-in player is easiest to use, but it’s also the option that requires the least amount of effort. Some video downloaders also let you choose which YouTube video player you want to use. If you have a preferred option, you can save yourself a lot of hassle down the line. The built-in YouTube video player is great for watching videos on a computer, but it lacks a few key features that make mobile video playback a more pain-free experience. One particularly important feature that’s missing from the YouTube player is the option to scrub through the video. Scrubbing lets you quickly jump ahead in the video to find a certain part of it. You can also scrub through the video in your video downloader or video player app. Once you find a portion of the video you want to save, simply scrub to the part you want to keep.

How to Access Video Downloads on a Computer

If you have the right software, you can download videos from a computer using a variety of tools. You can visit the YouTube video URL to access the download page. This lets you download the video to your computer’s hard drive. Keep in mind that you’ll have to download the video to a location where you have full access to the file. You can also download videos to a file manager app, such as ES File Explorer, Boxy or All File. These apps let you navigate folders easily and let you open and save files just like a computer’s file manager. You can also download videos to a cloud storage app, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. These apps let you access your files even if you don’t have easy access to your computer.

Which Video Players Are Available for Mobiles?

Can’t download videos from a computer? Don’t worry, you can also download videos from a mobile device. Some video downloaders let you choose whether you want to download videos to your mobile device or to a computer. To download videos to your mobile device, follow the directions in the app’s guide. You’ll usually have to agree to some kind of terms and conditions before this option becomes available. To download videos to your mobile device, you’ll generally need to:

Tips for Getting the Most Out Before and After Video Downloads

Before you download a video from YouTube, it’s helpful to know how long the video will take to download. Most videos, even those that are just a few seconds long, take 3 to 5 seconds to load before they even play. This means that you’ll also have to wait 3 to 5 seconds just to load the video. If you want to save a video for offline viewing, you also have to factor in the time it will take to download. Some video downloaders let you choose between a high-quality or a low-quality video. If you want the video to be able to play offline, choose the low-quality option. Keep in mind that all of these waiting times are estimates, and they may vary depending on your Internet connection, your device’s speed, and other factors.


Video downloads are a great way to get content from YouTube without relying on advertisements. You can also use video downloaders on your computer and mobile devices to save videos to watch later or to share with others.